(Maddie is seen walking down a narrow path with Dan. There is a blue and white charm bracelet on her arm.)

Dan: Are you sure you're good with giving your charm bracelet to Wander and Sylvia while we go to visit your sister?

Maddie: Your acting like it's a bad thing that I'm giving it to them.

Dan: Well, no..not's just that...Wander can get a little crazy sometimes, and...

Maddie: Oh, Dan..would you relax? Nothing is going to happen to my bracelet.

(Maddie and Dan find Wander and Sylvia)

Maddie: Hey, you cool with watching my bracelet for the day? We're going to visit my sister in the castle, and I don't want to loose this. (takes bracelet off and gives it to Wander)

Wander: Don't worry, Maddie...I'll guard it with my life.

(It cuts to Wander playing with the bracelet right next ot a hole in the ground. Wander giggles and throws it up in the air)

Sylvia: Wander, you'd better be careful with that! We promised Maddie that we'd take good care of it!

(Wander twirls the bracelet on his finger)

Wander: It'll be fine,'s like I said, "I'll guard it with my life."

(The bracelet flies off Wander's finger, and into the hole. Wander and Sylvia stare at the hole with their jaws dropped)

Sylvia: Great! Now what are we gonna do?

Wander: (thinks) We'll retrieve it!

Sylvia: How?

Wander: (takes out a chainsaw) Like THIS!!! (cranks chainsaw)


Wander: Oh, ok..(puts chainsaw in his hat)

Sylvia: We need to figure out a way to get down there...

Wander: (thinks)

Sylvia: (gasps and snaps her fingers) That's it!

This was just a little bit of my episode idea. Hope you like it! :D

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