(Continuing "The New Boy" Part 3)

Luka: (gives Shine a mean look, but walks over to the Wandering Group anyway)

Maddie: (whispers in Luka's ear) Can I talk to you for a second? (picks up Luka and flies her away from the Wandering Group) Ok, so..I don't trust this whole clone thing either, but...maybe..considering Shine's back...

Luka: (interupts) But I don't trust Shine, either! She tried to kill us!

Maddie: I know, but..

Luka: (interupts again) I don't understand why Shine can just magically come back to the Wandering Group after we were practically murdered by her. A true friend wouldn't try to murder another friend, even if she did something to hurt you.

Maddie: (thinks) Your right, Luka...but...what can we do about it? Wander's the leader, and...he makes the decisions. He let Shine back into the group.

Luka: (wraps arm around Maddie's shoulder) You know, Wander doesn't have to be the leader. (smirks)

Maddie: Wha..what do you mean?

Luka: I mean that he doesn't have to be the leader! You could take charge...

Maddie: How?

Luka: (looks around, then says) Un leader qui n'est pas juste, pas de clef du tout.

Maddie: What did you say?

Luka: A leader who isn't fair, is no leader at all.

Maddie: Well, I wouldn't say that Wander isn't being fair, but...Shine did almost kill us.

Luka: Exactly. 

Maddie: (looks off into the distance and realizes) Oooh, yeah. (smirks)

(To be continued...) 

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