(Maddie never felt this way with Wander. With Wander, it may have been...just a crush. But this...this was the real kind of love. The kind of love that when you know who you love, loves you back.)

Sun: Hey, I want to show you something! Follow me!

(Maddie and Sun climb down the tree and Maddie follows Sun towards the sunrise. They arrived at a place which was guarded by two brave looking Wander-creatures, and a large golden gate.)

Sun: (says to guards) Hello, my fellow brothers. This is my new friend, and she's been going through tough times. May we come in?

(One of the guards looks at them and smiles)

Guard: Certainly.

(The gate opens all by itself. Maddie and Sun walked in. Maddie had never seen anything like this place. It was so..colorful. Wander-creatures inhabited it. Maddie looked to the side, and saw a field of zbornaks munching on what Maddie thought looked like grass, but wasn't.)

Maddie: (says to Sun) What is this place?

Sun: It's a place where creatures like us come and find peace. It's like heaven on this planet!

Maddie: Oh, if only I knew about this place..I would have come here as soon as my troubles started.

Sun: Well, now you know about this place. (takes Maddies hands) And your with me, am I right? (kisses Maddie on her lips. Maddie was shocked at first, but she enjoyed it. She never felt a kiss so calming.)

To this day, Maddie and Sun live in this heaven. Maddie even asked Dan to come with her, and he said yes! He found a female zbornak that was even more perfect for him than Sylvia! Maddie and Sun made their marriage official. They even had two little Wander-creatures together. One was a boy, and the other was a sweet little girl. Maddie and Sun decided to name the boy Ekon, which means "strong through tough times", and for the girl, her name is Righteous, for she will remain pure and righteous for as long as she lived there, which would probably be till the end of her days. Maddie was happy to know that they were safe in this place. As for the Wandering Group, they are in Maddie's past, even Wander is. Maddie was the happiest mother in the world, knowing that Ekon and Righteous were here, they wouldn't have to go through the same thing Maddie herself had to go through. There would be no more pain, sorrow, or fighting over guys. When Ekon and Righteous would grow up, they would find their perfect match in that place. Maddie was sure of it.

(The End)

Happiest ending EVER!!! :D

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