(Midnight and Maddie are on a high rock ledge. Wander, Sylvia, and Dan are on the ground watching them)

Midnight: So, the main thing you need to concentrate on, is catching the wind, and getting into the air.

Maddie: How do you do that?

Midnight: I'll tell you what to do before you get in the air.

Maddie: Ok.

Midnight: First, you need to jump, then flap. You need to make sure to flap after you jump, so you don't fall.

Maddie: Ok, but...what if i DO fall?

Midnight: I'll swoop down and catch you.

Maddie: Ok. I'll try it!

Wander, Sylvia, Dan, and Midnight: (cheer)

Maddie: (takes deep breath and spreads out her wings. She looks confidently at the sky, then jumps. She flaps her wings, but only stays in the air for a second, and falls. She let's out a short scream, but Midnight swoops down and catches her, just like she said she would)

Midnight: You ok?

Maddie: (is shaking) Yeah...yeah..I'm ok...

Midnight: You want to try again, or do you need a break?

Maddie: (thinks) No, no...I want to try again.

Midnight: (lands on the rock ledge, and puts Maddie down) Now, remember, concentrate.

Maddie: Concentrate. (Looks confidently at the sky again. She jumps and flaps. She actually stays in the air this time. She is able to move, but she can't fly perfectly like Midnight can. She lands on the rock ledge) I DID IT, MIDNIGHT!!! (hugs Midnight)

Wander, Sylvia, Dan: (cheers)

Midnight: Awesome, Maddie! Now, I want you to try it one more time. Your wings are getting stronger.

Maddie: Ok! (This time, Maddie doesn't wait, she jumps right away. She flaps, and move swiftly. She flies for about 3 minutes, and soon is almost as good as Midnight. She and Midnight fly around together until sundown. Maddie is now as good as Midnight, and can do loops and curves and twists as she flies.)

Midnight: You are SUCH a great flyer, Maddie!

Maddie: Thanks, Midnight! Thanks for teaching me, also! (smiles)

Midnight: No prob! (smiles)

Wander; (shouts from the ground) Uhh..guys?! It's kinda getting late!! Let's camp out in a tree or something!

Maddie and Midnight: (smile at each other, and land on the ground next to their friends)

(The End)

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