(Wander, Sylvia, Shine, and Fier are still at Sylivia's home planet. Maddie is still freaking out about her new powers. She can control her griffon transformations, she can make things move if she concentrates hard enough, and she can freeze things with the palm of her hand. When she stresses, she usually flies. Then again, she flies practically all the time. Maddie was picking at a flower's pedals. Oh, how she missed Pyra. The only friend she feels like she has now is Dan. Maddie got out a piece of paper, and on it, wrote:

Dear Pyra,

I miss you so much! I hope I get to see you again on your home planet! How's Buddy doing? Has he been a good boy? I hope you feed him lots of doggie treats! Anyway, I'm writing this letter to you to tell you what's been going on and stuff. You see, I figured out that I have these...powers. I'll explain them to you when I see you again, which I hope is sometime soon! You know Wander and Sylvia? Well, they took their new friends Shine and Fier to Sylvia and Dan's home planet. Dan's been telling me that he wanted to see his home planet for once..and..I know I shouldn't judge them, but...I bet they didn't think to invite us to come along. Shine probably doesn't want me to interfere with her and Wander. Ok, ok...back on topic. I hope I get to see you again, and if you can, feel free to stop by and say hi anytime!

From your True Friend Forever,


(Maddie folds up the letter, licks the envelope, and whispers to the letter) Fly to the planet Dunallba. Find Pyra. (lets go of the letter, and it blows away in the wind. Suddenly, Maddie hears a voice. It isn't Dan's voice, it's a girl's voice. She looks down, and sees a white skinned colored Wander creature. She has brown hair that reaches past her shoulders. (It's ME as a Wander creature!!!! :D) The girl looks like she's looking for something. Maddie flies down to try to help her. Maddie seems to have scared her.)

Maddie: Hi, I'm Maddie! What's your name?

Creature: Oh, almost gave me a heart attack! (giggles) I'm Jessica, but just call me Jess. (smiles)

Maddie: Are you looking for something?

Jess: Well, not's just..I've been kinda lonely lately, and..I just really need friends right now.

Maddie: Yeah, same here. My friends ditched me, and my best friend, to go to a planet full of zbornaks.

Jess: Hey! I have a zbornak!

Maddie: You DO? Me too! (grins)

Jess: Come here, K.C.! (a grey zbornaks with black stripes with dark grey hair like Sylvia's walks up to Jess) Maddie, this is my zbornak, K.C.

K.C.: (smiles) Hi..

Jess: Yeah, she's kinda shy. But that's ok. Do you have a zbornak?

Maddie: Yes, I do. His name is Dan. Dan! Come here!

Dan: (walks over to Maddie)

Maddie: Dan, these are my new friends, Jess and K.C.

Jess: Fr..friends? You think of us as...friends?

Maddie: Of coarse! We're all in need of friends right now.

Everyone: (agrees)

Maddie: Hey, me and Dan are part of this Wandering Group. Have you ever been in a Wandering Group?

Jess and K.C.: (shake heads)

Dan: Would you two like to be part of our Wandering Group?

Jess: Yeah, sure! What do you think, K.C.?

K.C.: Yeah! Sounds like fun!

Maddie: Then it's settled. Welcome to our Wandering Group!

(The End)

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