(After Maddie found out she would turn into a bat the night of a full moon, she started to get really scared. What if her friends found out that she was a werebat? What would she do afterwards? She had so many questions, but decided just to hold them in. There was supposed to be a full moon one night, and the friends were around a campfire, like they were the first night Maddie turned into a bat)

Wander: Who wants to sing a SONG?!?! (pulls out his banjo)

Sylvia and Dan: SURE!!!!

Maddie: (is looking at the ground)

Wander: You ok, Maddie?

Maddie: Yeah, I...I'm..good. (her wings twitch)

Wander: Let's sing a song! (sings and plays his banjo) Kumbaya, my lord!

Sylvia and Dan: (sing with Wander with their heads pressed together) Kumbaya!

Maddie: (looks at the sky, but doesn't see the moon yet. She sighs with relief. But right after she sighed, the full moon came out from behind a stray cloud, and hit Maddie. Her fangs started to twitch this time, and her wings shook like an earthquake. She rolled quickly out of view of the moon)

Wander: (stops playing his banjo and stops singing. Sylvia and Dan stop singing) Everything ok, Maddie?

Maddie: (is sweating, and says nervously) Yeah..umm...everything's fine..I just..(sees a speck of the full moon, and scoots back even more) hot for the fire...right now. It's REALLY hot if you stay too close, ya know. (smiles nervously)

Wander: You ARE a little hot, but your hot enough for me. (winks)

Maddie: (laughs nervously) guys stay here..I'm gonna be right back...

(To be continued...)

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