(Maddie smiles nervously at her friends. She is sweating. She breezes past Wander, and faces the full moon. She flies away from the cave they're in as quick as she can. Her wings and fangs twitch, and she feels herself transforming. She's now a fruit bat. She lands in a tree)

Maddie: (squeaks. But is talking to herself in her mind) Great! I transformed again! Isn't this kinda getting OLD?!? (thinks quietly) Maybe...I'll just live like a bat for the rest of the night. (Spots a bunch of bats flying overhead. They stop, hang upside down on a tree branch, and go to sleep. Maddie does that too, and goes to sleep eventually)

(That night, Maddie had a dream. She dreamed that her grandmother, Queen Eliza, came to her. Queen Eliza is now dead, but the wisest Wander-creature that ever lived)

Maddie: (in the dream, she's her normal self, but has bat wings and fangs, like she already does) Gr...Grandma? I mean...(bows)..your majesty. (looks up)

Eliza: No need for that, Princess Madison.

Maddie: Oh, sorry. (rises)

Eliza: I came to you tonight to discuss something with you.

Maddie: Ok, but..are you..still alive?

Eliza: No, Princess Madison. It is true that I'm dead.

Maddie: Oh...(frowns)

Eliza: Now, Maddie. You are destined for love...

Maddie: You mean Wa...

Eliza: Yes, Princess Madison.

Maddie: that your an friend's an angel..her name is you know her?

Eliza: Yes, I happen to know her. (Shine comes out of nowhere in the dream)

Maddie: Shine! (runs up to hug her)

Shine: Hello, Princess Maddie. (smiles)

Maddie: Shine, I've been DYING to tell you something.

Shine: Anything.

Maddie: I'm SORRY we fought over Wander! I promise I'll take care of him, just like you wanted.

(The dream starts to get blurry. Eliza and Shine rise)

Eliza: You are waking up, Princess Madison.

Maddie: Wait! I..I need to...(The dream is completely blurry and Maddie can't see anything. She opens her eyes. She is on the ground, and she's back to her normal self) Wha..what? I need to find my friends! (flies back toward the cave. Wander is asleep in his hat, and Sylvia and Dan are curled up sleeping) Guys! GUYS!! Wake UP!!

(Everyone wakes up)

Dan: (bangs his head on a low part of the cave) What IS it?

Maddie: I..I'm sorry guys! I..just had the craziest dream! Shine visited me, and my grandmother...

Wander: SHINE?! (grabs Maddie's shoulders) What ABOUT Shine?!

Maddie: Wander, it's FINE! (smiles) She's safe...up above. (looks up)

(The End)

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