(Maddie is in her tree. Suddenly, she hears music. She looks down and sees Wander playing his banjo on a rock. She flies down and joins him. She listens to his music.)

Wander: (looks down at Maddie) Did I tell you that I like your new hair style?

Maddie: No, you didn't, and thanks.

Wander: Ya, would be better...(reaches for the hair band holding Maddie's hair in a ponytail, and pulls it out slowly. Maddie's brown hair reaches her tailbone, and her spiked-down bangs seem to fly) this. (smiles)

Maddie: (looks at herself in a puddle. She really was beautiful.) Thanks, Wander. Say, I was thinking that maybe me, you, and some of our friends could...actually wander over yonder for once, ya know?

Wander: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

(There is a rustling in the bushes, and Luka comes out)

Luka: Maddie! Wander! I thought I recognized those voices. You guys actually want to wander over yonder this time?

Wander: Yeah.

Luka: Well then, let's go. Let's get Pyra, Jess, and K.C.

Maddie: Oh, but...Pyra can't come...

Luka and Wander: Why?

Wander: JINX!!

Luka: Umm, what?

Maddie: Pyra can't come..cuz she sent me a letter saying that her family and her are moving to the other side of the galaxy, so her father can find a better job.

Wander: Oh...

Luka: (looks at the ground)

Maddie: (breaks the silence) Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get our friends!

(Later, Maddie's Wandering Group contained Maddie, Dan, Wander, Sylvia, Jess, K.C., and Luka. They were ready to leave.)

Maddie: Wait! I need to say goodbye to my tree, first! (flies in the direction of her tree) Goodbye, old friend. (flies back to the Wandering Group) Ok, guys! Let's go!

(Everyone cheers)

(The friends were ready to see the galaxy)

(The End)

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