(Maddie is sitting alone. It is night time. Maddie was thinking about Shine, like where she was. Luka came up behind her)

Luka: Sup, Mads?

Maddie: Umm...nothing. It's just that...where did Shine go? Why did she turn all creepy? Was it something I did? Does she seriously HAVE to have Wander? I'm so confused....

Luka: too. (sits down by Maddie and hugs Maddie's shoulders) But at least we're ok. Am I right?

Maddie: (smiles a little) Yeah, I guess so. (the sky turns the lightest shade of pink)

Luka: (looks at the sky) That was sudden. It almost seemed controlled that, Maddie...

Maddie: Me? Control the sunrise? No way.

Luka: Yes way! Try that again!

Maddie: What do you mean? I don't know what I did.

Luka: Well, you

Maddie: Umm, ok?

Luka: Just smile. Be happy!           

Maddie: Well, I'm not exactly happy, but...can you...say something to make me happy, then?

Luka: Ok. (clears throat) You know what Wander got you for your birthday?

Maddie: (pupils get big) What? (sky turns a darker pink, purple, and orange


Maddie: (blushes and gets happier. The sun now peaks its top over the land) you know...what else?

Luka: (says to herself) Now, let me try something. (says to Maddie) Umm, yeah..I'm sorry..I was lying about those presents. He didn't get you anything.

Maddie: (who was in the air with her pupils big, became sad, and flew back down sadly. The sun started to go down, too)

Luka: (looks at the horizon) I KNEW IT!! You are controling the sun!

Maddie: (flies in the air again. The sun rises) do I get it in the sky? (suddenly, the sun is high in the sky. Maddie lands on the ground) I don't think I did that.

?: (laughs) You think you were actually CONTROLING the sun?

(Maddie and Luka whiz around, and see a yellow Wander-creature with red, orange, and yellow hair. Her hair looks as though it is on fire)

Maddie: Hey! Your hair is on fire!

?: What? No..this is just my hair.

Luka: (wipes head) Good...almost gave me a heart attack.

?: (giggles) You two are funny. My name is Flame, and I control the sunrise and sunset. What are your names?

Maddie: Well, I'm Maddie, and this is Luka.

Luka: (waves)

Flame: Nice to meet you guys. Say, do either of you have a zbornak?

Luka: I don't, but she does.

Maddie: Yep.

Flame: I have a zbornak, too. Come here, Kimba!

(A beautiful red, orange, and yellow zbornak walks through the bushes that Flame walked through.)

Flame: So, yeah. (takes Kimba's reins) This is Kimba, and her name means, "a bushfire." Kimba, these are my new friends Maddie and Luka.

Kimba: (shyly) Hello. (smiles)

Maddie: (gets an idea) Hey! You two should join our Wandering Group!

Flame: What's a Wandering Group?

Luka: It's a group that goes around the galaxy helping those in need.

Kimba: Ooh! That sounds like fun!

Maddie: Oh, it is!

Luka: So, will you guys join?

Kimba: I will if Flame will. (looks at Flame)

Flame: (thinks for a minute. Three sets of eyes are on her) Well, ok. I'll join.

(Everyone cheers)

(Later, Maddie finds the Wandering Group)

Fier: (says to Maddie and Luka) Hey, where were you two?

Maddie: Oh, you know...just..meeting a friend.

(Maddie and Luka look back at Flame and Kimba, who walk through the bushes. First, Flame walks through, then Kimba)

Fier: (looks at Flame and Kimba with shock, then walks over to them.) You're..just like me.

Flame: Really? Do you control fire, too?

Fier: Well, no, but..I'm half phoenix.

Flame: Wow, cool!

(Kimba shyly walks over to Sylvia and Dan)

Kimba: Hi, I'm Kimba!

Sylvia: Hi, Kimba! I'm Sylvia!

Dan: I'm Dan!

(The three zbornaks get along great)

Maddie: (says to Wander, who is playing his banjo) Still no sign of Shine?

Wander: Nope. No one has seen her.

Luka: (who is now beside Maddie) We'll send out a search party, or something. Or..or Maddie, you could use your griffon wings to get a bird's-eye view, or...

Maddie: (interupts)'s ok..we'll find her...I promise.

(The End)

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