(Maddie and Luka look at Shine with shock.)

Maddie: (squawks)

(Luka breaks the lock to the cage. Maddie turns back to herself, and flies Luka away from Shine.)

Shine: Get back here, friends! I'm not finished with you!

(Maddie flies as fast as she can. She flies and flies and flies. She's happy to be half griffon. She found the side of the chamber, and she crashed into it, knocking herself out. She and Luka fell to the ground.)

Luka: Maddie!

(Shine's shadow appears over the two.)

Shine: Game over, Luka. (smiles)

Luka: No. Just for you. (cockatiel wings break through her tank top, and she grabs passed-out Maddie and breaks through the ceiling.)

Shine: NOOOO!!!!!

(Luka flies for a little bit, and finds Wander, Sylvia, and Dan. She lands on the ground, and puts Maddie down.)

Sylvia: Luka? You have wings?

Luka: (sighs) Yeah...I was born with these. (flaps wings)

Wander: M...Maddie? (walks over to Maddie)

Dan: (looks at Maddie sadly)

Wander: Maddie? Ca...can you hear me?

(Maddie is still passed out)

Wander: (tears up) Maddie....(hugs Maddie and doesn't let go)

Luka: (whispers) She needs the kiss of true love.

Sylvia: (slaps Luka) Shh!

Luka: Hehe, sorry. (tries to smile)

(Maddie wakes up)

Maddie: Uhh...where am I?

Wander: (gasps) Maddie! (hugs again) You're ok!! (stops himself from kissing her)

Maddie: What? You too ashamed? (kisses Wander)

Luka and Sylvia: Aww!!

Luka: JINX!!! Yes! I said it at the right time this time!! (grins and high-fives Sylvia)

Dan: (looks at Wander and Maddie, then back at Luka) Do you know who did this to her?

Luka: Well, she crashed into a wall, but she was getting away from....her.

Wander: (stops hugging Maddie, but still holds onto her) Who's "her"?

Luka: (dramatic pause) Shine.

(Everyone gasps)

Wander: But...why Shine? WHY?!?!

Maddie: (pats Wander carefully)

Luka: We don't know WHAT got into her, but...she's been acting crazy ever since Maddie stood up to her.

Wander: (thinks a minute) I...I just wish she and my other friends wouldn't care who likes who. I mean, does it flarfen matter?!

Luka: Not really, no.

Maddie: Luka!

Luka: What? I'm just bein' my awesome tomboy self! Don't judge me!

(Everyone laughs)

(The End. For now.)

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