(Maddie thought she was dead, but she woke up. It seemed like she was in some kind of paradise.)

Maddie: Where...where AM I?

Wander's voice: Maddie? Is that you?

Maddie: Wander? Where are you?

Wander: (comes through the bushes) Over here! (waves)

Maddie: Wander! (runs over and hugs him) I...I thought you were dead...I thought we were ALL dead!

Wander: We seem to be in some kind of paradise. I like your new wings, by the way.

Maddie: New wings? (looks back at her wings and flaps them. They're still her bat wings, but they're not chipped or scratched) Wha..what?

(Maddie wakes up. She didn't die! Neither did her friends! It was just a dream)

Maddie: Wait...I..I didn't...

Wander: (is asleep inside his hat, and wakes up) Hey, Mads, what's wrong?

Maddie: It..was just...a dream...

Wander: What was?

Maddie: We all got tricked by Lord Hater, and..and..he killed us.

Wander: Oh, Maddie! You shoud've assumed that was a dream from the start. Lord Hater would never kill anyone! Yeah, if he did find us, he would lock us up, not kill us. (smiles)

Sylvia: (is awake) It's ok, Maddie! I have dreams like that sometimes, but only if I'm really worried about it.

Wander: You must be worried about it, Maddie. (smiles)

Maddie: (hugs Wander) I'm just glad we're all safe.

(The End)

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