(Maddie is sitting by herself waiting for Dan. Dan comes up behind her.)

Dan: You ready to go?

Maddie: I..I don't know. I don't know what I'll do without Wander. I what how you, Dan?

Dan: What about me?

Maddie: You and Sylvia? Have you ever given her a hint that you like her?

Dan: (looks at the ground) No.

Maddie: (sighs. There are tears in her eyes) Let's just at least say goodbye to them.

Dan: Ok.

(Later, Maddie and Dan are walking in the woods looking for Wander and Sylvia)

Maddie: Dan, I've been thinking. Maybe we don't have to leave.

Dan: Wait..what?

Maddie: Maybe we can just..I don't on a different part of the planet?

Dan: So..if I wanted to, then I could get with Sylvia?

Maddie: (nods)

Dan: (fist pump) YES! Umm..I mean...yay. (smiles)

(Wander and Sylvia come through the bushes)

Wander: Maddie! (runs to her)

Maddie: W..Wander? (runs toward him. Her feelings for him come back)

Wander: (hugs Maddie. Maddie folds in her bat wings, and Wander swings her around)

Maddie: (giggles)

Wander: Oh, I've missed you SO much! I..I didn't know if I was ever gonna see you again!

Maddie: Me, too. (looks into Wander's eyes) The truth is..I was gonna leave, and..

(This time, Wander kissed her, silencing her this time)

Maddie: (after she breaks away)...I didn't want to leave. i could never leave you. (smiles and blushes)

Wander: (blushes) Me neither. (smiles. He cups Maddie's cheek in his hands, and closes his eyes halfway)

Maddie: (blushes and her pupils get big and they twinkle)

Dan: Umm..Sylvia? While they're having their little moment, I've uhh..been...kinda...

Sylvia: Crushing on me? (smiles)

Dan: How'd you know?

Sylvia: I guess we just think alike. (smiles) I've been crushing on you, too.

Dan: Wh...whoa....

Sylvia: (giggles) What is it?

Dan: This is very unexpected...(smiles)

Sylvia: (giggles and kisses him)

Dan: (eyes get wide)

Wander and Maddie: Aww...a zbornak couple!

Sylvia: (breaks away and blushes. So does Dan)


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