(Maddie was about to walk over to Wander just to say hi, when she saw Shine standing with him. Maddie daydreamed about Wander and Shine getting back together, but she pushed those thoughts away. Besides, Shine said she wasn't that kind of girl anymore. Maddie just hung back in the bushes.)

Shine: But, no matter what..we'll always be best friends, right?

Wander: Yes, of coarse!

(They hug)

Shine: Oh, and about Luka and Comet, will you hold my funeral?

Wander: Umm..sure. What are friends for?

(Maddie's eyes get wide. She knew if anyone else knew, Luka would go crazy, and possibly turn violent and bloodthirsty again. Maddie quietly flew away from them, and found Luka.)

Maddie: Hey, Tough Girl! (elbows Luka) How are ya, friend? (smiles like a creep)

Luka: Uhh...why are you acting so weird?

Maddie: (Maddie's eye twitches) No reason....

Luka: Somebody else knows I like Comet, don't they.

(Maddie's jaw drops)

Maddie: How'd you know?

(Maddie covers her mouth, and Luka rolls her eyes)

Maddie: Just...please don't stick a knife in my liver...

Luka: (interupts) Maddie, it's fine..I just don't want your brother to know, ok? I've never...liked liked anyone before...mainly because I was so mean, and...all the guys, and girls, of coarse...wanted to get away from me. Comet...seems so nice, though....

Maddie: Do you want to ask him out or not? I could call him back from the castle.

Luka: No thanks, Maddie...I'm just...not ready yet.

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