(Flame set out on an adventure to find her sister. Suddenly, she came to a mysterious cave. She went inside, and saw...Shadow? She was dangling off a rope above a shark tank)

Shadow: Somebody HELP!!!

Flame: Shadow?

Shadow: Flame? Is that you?

Flame: Yeah, it's me! I'll get you down from there.

?: Uhh, no your not!

(Flame turns and sees Lord Hater)

Flame: Hater! Let my sister go!

Hater: I'll let her go...into this shark tank! HAHAHA!!!

Flame: Why do you want my sister, anyway?

Hater: Don't you see, Flame? By killing your sister, all her powers will go to me! The moon with be mine to control!!

Flame: I'm not going to let you kill my sister. (shoots fire at the rope, and it breaks. Fire wings break out of Flame's back, and she rescued Shadow, and flew away as quick as she could. Flame could hear Hater screaming and pouting. When she was a good didtance away, she put Shadow down, and hugged her.)

Shadow: I thought I was never going to see you again! I went out to look for you, and I got captured by Hater.

Flame: Ooh. Well, at least we're together.

(Flame and Shadow look up at the sky. The sun and the moon were both out.)

Flame: You ready to fix this?

Shadow: You bet. Let's do this.

(Shadow sets the moon, and Flame raises the sun high in the sky)

(To be continued...)

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