(Luka is muttering to herself after her arguement with Shine.)

Luka: I don't understand the whole "starring" thing. I think that little flarfen wannabe just needs to...

Maddie: (flies out of nowhere) Luka! I heard what happened! Are you ok?

Luka: Me? Phah! I'm fine. It's that flarfen niblet that was gonna get it.

Maddie: just need to calm down. (the sun starts to rise) Flame must be raising the sun, now. C'mon, let's go. If Wander finds out what you did to Shine...(looks around) might be kicked out of the Wandering Group!

Luka: I don't need (walks past Maddie) to worry about that. If that little giget tries to tell Wander what happened...I'll be on her like a shark on a dolphin. (walks away)

Maddie: (thinks) I need to find Shine.

(Before the sun has fully risen, Shine was finishing giving shooting stars.)

Maddie: (flies over to her) Shine! I heard what happened between you and Luka! Are you ok?

Shine: Yes, and I thank the galaxy that Scorpio was here to help me.

Scorpio: Yes, Luka did take quite a blow.

Maddie: I'm really sorry about her. She just likes to act tough and aggressive. I'm really sorry, Shine.

Shine: It's ok, Maddie. We all make mistakes.

Maddie: (thinks) What Luka needs is anger management class, or something.

Scorpio: I think I'll be able to help with that. (smiles)

(To be continued...)

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