(Maddie is teaching herself to play the banjo in her tree, when two letters blow into the little slit in the tree trunk. Maddie put her banjo down, and flew down to the letters. She took them, landed, and read them. One of them was from Pyra.)

Dear Maddie,

Hi, this is Pyra. I really miss wandering with you and the Wandering Group. I hope you all are safe. I'm writing to tell you that we have moved to the other side of the galaxy without anything bad happening. I miss you so much, Maddie, and your friends. I hope they miss me, too.

Your True Friend,


Maddie: (says to herself) We all miss you, Pyra.

(Maddie opened the second letter. It was from her sister, Lily. It was a wedding invitation.)

To Guest,

You are invited to enjoy a wonderful evening at the galaxy's castle to celebrate the newlyweds Princess Lily, and soon to be, Prince Dash.

(Maddie dropped the letter in shock. Her childhood best friend was going to marry her sister.)

(To be continued...)

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