(Maddie finds her sister at the castle)

Lily: Hey! Did you get the invitation?

Maddie: Yeah..I got it, but...why?

Lily: (shyly) Why..what?

Maddie: Why are you getting married?

Lily: Well, maybe because Dash and I fell in love?

Maddie: I know, and that's good, but...he was my best friend when we were kids, and..I just don't want anything to be awkward.

Lily: Oh, c'mon, Maddie! (takes her by the hands, and they spin) Practically half the galaxy is coming to this's gonna be big.

Maddie: Well, ok....

Lily: Awesome!

Dash's voice: Lily?

(Lily turns around, and sees Dash coming. He silently puts his arm around Lily.)

Maddie: Dash!

Dash: Umm, do I know you?

Maddie: (eyes get big with sadness) Do you know me? Of coarse you do! We're friends!

Dash: Nope. Never seen you before in my life.

Lily: Ok, Maddie...Dash, sweetie....let me just tell you that this is my sister, Maddie.

Dash: (sees Lily looks a little stressed.)

Maddie: Ok, fine...leave it at that.

(Lily and Dash walk away. Dash's arm is still around Lily. Dash turns around, gives Maddie an evil grin, and turns around again.)

Maddie: Somehing's not right. (flies out of the castle)

(To be continued...)

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