Maddie: FIER!!!

(Fier turns toward the voice. Maddie tries to break the rock by crashing against it.)

Fier: Forget it, Maddie! That rock is unbreakable! You're never gonna get through!

(Maddie now suddenly believes that she still has her powers.)

Maddie: I know my powers are still in me! I just have to consentrate...(closes her eyes, then violently jerks them open, and the rock breaks)

(Fier, Bella, and Light Rod gasp)

Lily: (steps up by Maddie's side) Now...(gets up in their faces) WHERE'S DASH!?

Fier: (chuckles evily and pushes Lily away with one finger) Don't worry, Lily...once you marry Light Rod, the kingdom will be MINE!!!

Wander: I can't believe you, Fier! Why are you doing this?

Fier: Isn't it obvious, Wander? I want to take over the kingdom!

Maddie: We'll never let you take it over.

Fier: Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do to stop me?

Maddie: This. (concentrates and sends Fier flying back)

(Bella jumps on Maddie from the side. Light Rod goes for Scorpio, but he stops him and stars him.)

Scorpio: Yonder bless.

Light Rod: What?

(Before Light Rod could attack, Sylvia was on him like fire ants on a caterpillar. (Tim Hawkins guys, remember? The fire ants song?) Lily was so scared. She would never ever hurt anyone. Neither would Dan.)

Lily: (says to Dan) I really don't want to fight anyone.

Dan: Me neither. How about me and you go rescue Dash?

Lily: Ok. Let's go. 

(Lily gets on Dan's back, and Dan runs. The rest of the group just continue to fight.)

(To be continued...) 

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