(It was time to settle in for the night. Dan was looking at the moon. Maddie returns from a boarding patrol)

Maddie: Hey, Dan. Are you ok?

Dan: Yeah..I'm fine.

Maddie: Something's up with you...I can tell.

Dan: It's just that....I talked to Sylvia today, and...I can tell she likes me, but you said not to have anything to do with her, and...

Maddie: Alright, Dan. Considering she's an alpha now, you may unite with her if you wish.

Dan: Are you serious?

Maddie: Yep.

Dan: (nuzzles Maddie) Oh, Maddie! Your the best friend EVER!!!!

Maddie: Thanks, Dan.

(A few days later, Dan and Sylvia were sentenced to become mates. Dan walks up to a rock platform with Maddie by his side. Sylvia walks up to the rock with Wander by her side. Maddie shoots Wander a nasty glance)

Sylvia: (says to Dan) It's time. Are you ready?

Dan: (nods)

(First, Dan and Sylvia accept each other's scent. They nuzzle each other behind the ear, and put their heads together, meaning they are now one body, now mates. Everyone cheers)

Wander: (looks at Maddie)

Maddie: (looks back, then quickly looks away)

(To be continued...)

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