(Ever since Wander looked at Maddie the way he did, Maddie felt different. Dan walked in the den with his new mate, Sylvia)

Dan: Hey, Maddie! What's up?

Maddie: Oh, nothing.

Sylvia: You seem bothered about something.

Maddie: (looks at Sylvia)

Sylvia: Are you mad because me and your best friend are mates?

Maddie: Oh,'s not it at all.

Dan: Then what is it?

Maddie: Well, please don't be freaked out, but...(blurts) I'M IN LOVE WITH AN OMEGA!!!!

Dan and Sylvia: (looks at each other, then back at Maddie)

Dan: Which omega?

Maddie: (looks outside the den, and sees Wander chasing a butterfly) That one.

Dan and Sylvia: (turn and see Wander)

Sylvia: My best friend, huh?

Maddie: (pauses) Yeah...

(To be continued...)

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