(Wander is in the woods. Maddie finds him, jumps out of a bush, and scares him)

Wander: Why'd you do that?

Maddie: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you THAT much. (giggles and helps Wander up) It's just that..well...sometimes I wish alphas and omegas could be mates...

Wander: What do ya mean?

Maddie: I mean that...I like you.

Wander: Wh wha WHAT?! An love with ME?!

Maddie: Yeah. (smiles) I also had a thought. If we became mates, then you would automatically become an alpha like me!

Wander: (gasps) You are SO right! In that case...would you like to be my mate?

Maddie: Sure, of coarse!

(A day later, Maddie and Wander went up on the rock platform Dan and Sylvia were on when they became mates)

Wander: You ready to DO this?

Maddie: Ready as I'll ever be. (smiles)

(Maddie and wander did the same process as Dan and Sylvia. Thet accepted their scent, nuzzled each other's ears, and before they put their heads together, Maddie hesitated, but quickly put her head against his. All the wolves cheered and howled. Happy ending, am I right?)

(The End)

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