(I said it was the end of Maddie, or WAS it???????)

(Maddie and Hater are in Hater's ship. Maddie still has her red robotic eye)

Maddie: Hater, I..I just don't think this is gonna work out. I mean, I get everyone hates me now, but...I..

Hater: Yes, Maddie?

Maddie: I...just..don't want to be evil anymore.

Hater: (spit take. The liquid goes all over Maddie)

(Maddie's robot eye starts to spark)

Hater: Oops, haha...sorry.

Maddie: Yeah, whatever. Like I was saying...I just don't want to be evil. I want to have a life outside of all this.

Hater: (thinks) Well, ok. I'll let you go.

Maddie: (is in the air with excitement) REALLY?!

Hater: Yes, but I'll need something from you.

Maddie: (flies back down to the ground) What?

Hater: ALL your powers. I'll even give you a new eye!

Maddie: Wait..ALL my powers? Including my griffon powers?

Hater: Even your griffon powers.

Maddie: No! (backs away) Take all my powers, just don't take the griffon powers!


Maddie: (falls to the floor)

Hater: Ok, you want to be free, or not?

Maddie: (thinks)

(Later, Maddie is straped to an electronic device thing, and Hater is taking away her powers. They are all in an electrical orb. Maddie has a normal eye, now)

Hater: Ok, let's see...I have your ice powers, your concentration powers, your robot eye, now...all I need are your griffon powers. (gets ready to remove it)

Maddie: No! NO!! Please, Hater! Not my griffon powers!

Hater: Sorry, we made a deal.

Maddie: NO!!! (breaks through the strong tape holding her down)

Hater: Wha..MADDIE!!! GET BACK HERE!!! (tries to grab her)

Maddie: Sorry, Hater! I have a life to live! (flies out Hater's window, breaking it. She gets in an Orbal Transporter bubble and runs away)

(Later, she sees Dan marching with the zbornak army. Maddie realized the mistakes that she made, and she really wanted to reunite the Wandering Group. She even forgot why she was mad with her friends.)

Maddie: (hides in a tree) Psst! Dan!

Dan: (stops and turns head) Who said that?

Maddie: Dan! It's me, Maddie!

Random zbornak: MADDIE!!!

(Zbornaks get their laser guns and start shooting in different directions)


(Zbornaks drop their guns)

Dan: (looks at the tree) Maddie? Is that you?

(Zbornaks get their guns ready. Maddie peaks her head out from behind the tree)

Maddie: Yeah...

Dan: You look normal, don't have your robot eye.

Maddie: Yeah, Lord Hater took it away, and all my powers. All I have now is my griffon self. (flies down) Don't worry, guys. I'm not working for Hater anymore. (smiles)

Random zbornak: Yeah, sure.

Dan: Robert! Cut it OUT!! (looks at Maddie) Is this true?

Maddie: Yes, and now I want to reunite the Wandering Group, if Wander will welcome me back in. (frowns)

Dan: I'm sure he will. He's really forgiving. (turns to the zbornaks) Team dismissed!

(The zbornaks walk away)

Maddie: (tears come to her eyes) But..I called him an idiot, Dan. I was just so mad at him and his friends. Also, I'm really sorry I ditched you for Lord Hater, I was just being a bad friend.

Dan: It's ok. (smiles)

Maddie: So are we good?

Dan: Yeah.

Maddie: (smiles) Best friends again? (holds out hand)

Dan: (drops his gun and picks up Maddie) Best friends again! (swings Maddie around) I missed you SO much, Maddie! (takes off his uniform, and he looks like regular Dan again)

Maddie: Me, too. Now, let's go reunite the Wandering Group!

Dan: YEAH!! Let's GO!!

(The Wandering Group are sitting around each other looking glum. Wander is reaching in his hat picking out random stuff, Sylvia is using a nail file, Shine is bouncing a rock on the ground, and Fier is coughing up fire.)

Wander: (boredly) You ok, Fier?

Fier: (coughs) Yeah.

(Maddie and Dan see them)

Maddie: Well, there they are. What should I do, Dan?

Dan: Just walk up to them like a normal person.

Maddie: Do you think you could go talk to them first?

Dan: Uhh, I could try.

Maddie: Thank you, Dan.

(Dan walks up to the Wandering Group)

Dan: (shyly) Uhh...hey, guys...

Sylvia: DAN!!! (grins)

(Shine and Fier look up at Dan and grin their biggest grins)

Wander: Dan! We're so glad to have you back!

Sylvia: How was the army? (smiles)

Dan: It was actually kinda fun.

Shine: Did you defeat...THEM?

Dan: No...which reminds me. There's someone here who wants to apologize to you.

(Maddie comes through the bushes. Wander's eyes get big)

Wander: You brought...HER?! (crosses his arms and turns away)

Shine: (looks at Wander, then glares meanly at Maddie)

Dan: No, guys! It's ok! She's a completely different person!

Fier: Yeah RIGHT!! She practically tried to KILL me!

(Without thinking, she flung herself at Fier. You would've thought that Maddie was gonna hurt Fier, but instead, Maddie hugged Fier.)

Maddie: (whispers) I'm sorry.

(Wander turns around, and his mouth falls. Everyone is surprised, including Shine.)

Fier: (there are tears in her eyes. She was heartbroken. Everyone was.) How can I stay mad at you? Friends? (holds hand out to Maddie)

Maddie: (doesn't hesitate) FRIENDS!! (grabs Fier's hand and pulls her in for a hug. She lets go, and turns to everyone else) Look, guys..I really messed up. I shouldn't have gone crazy like that. I don't even care about love anymore! The only love I care about is the friendship kind of love. You guys know what I'm saying, right?

(Everyone nods except Shine, who is still upset. Maddie walks over to her and puts her arm around her. Then she continues talking)

Maddie: All friendships have twists and turns...(looks at Shine)...and it's our job to get those friendships back on the right path. (smiles at Shine)

Shine: (smiles back at Maddie)

Wander: So...we're all good?

Maddie: (looks at her friends)

Shine: (answers for Maddie) OH YEAH!!

(Everyone laughs)

Wander: GROUP HUG TIME!!!!

(Everyone gets in a group hug and laughs)

Maddie: Hey, Wander?

Wander: Yeah?

Maddie: I'm really sorry I called you an idiot, and...

Wander: It's ok. I know you didn't mean it. We're just glad you and Dan came back!

Maddie: (hugs Wander personally) too.

Now, THIS is the ending! A much happier ending, too! The Wandering Group now wander over yonder together, helping planets and making their friendships stronger. Maddie got Jess and K.C. back into the Wandering Group. Jess turned back into a Wander creature, and K.C. turned back into a zbornak. There was also a Wander creature named Katie, but Forever Trombone can decide what happens with her. Maddie flew to Pyra's planet one day and asked if she wanted to join the Wandering Group. She said yes. That Wandering Group continues to grow and grow, and so does their friendship.

Ok guys, so this is probably it for my stories. I how you enjoyed them! Feel free to read them over and over, including the stories on my old account, volleyball36. I really enjoyed making stories on wikia, but all good things must come to an end. If you want more stories about Maddie, then go to Forever Trombone's page. She makes stories using Maddie and Dan once in a while. I decided to stop making stories for wikia because I'm getting older, and I'm not as interested in Wander over Yonder than I used to be. I've made stories on Fish Hooks wiki, and Minecraft wiki, so you can read those if you want! Goodbye, wikia! :)

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