(Maddie is sitting on a rock, looking at her reflection in a lake)

A voice in her head: You're worthless!

Another voice: You ain't nothing but a fake!

Maddie: (tears fill her eyes as she looks at her reflection)

Lord Hater's voice: What do you think you are?!

Maddie: (closes her eyes)

Wander's voice: You're nothing compared to Shine!

Maddie: (jumps and is high in the air in seconds. She flaps her bat wings, and flies away from the lake. She starts to sing "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen) Let it go...Let it go....(Maddie leaves her grey world, and ends up in a colorful one. She finds Dan already there. He waves to her, and flies down to join him. She hugs him and sings again) Let it go...Let it go...(starts singing what I, crossc36, made up) These guys are my friends. (gets on Dan's back and he runs) Why let this bother me? If Shine wants to love Wander, LET her! She never bothered me, anyway! (Maddie rides Dan into the sunset)

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