All the angels were hanging out in the Paradise's Milkshake Bar when Irin got everyone's attention.

Irin: Attention, all angels! We've made it this far in our guarding, and we won't stop now! We're doing this for the almighty!

All the angels lift up their milkshakes.

All angels: TO THE ALMIGHTY!!!

They all laugh and put down their milkshakes and started talking again.

Aurora: (who is sitting with Nomad, Emma, and Irin at a round table) So, Nomad, how's Chenavy doing with you being her guardina angel?

Nomad: I can tell she's a little freaked out, but trust me, she'll warm up to the idea.

Aurora: Yes, I hope so. If Wander ever finds out I'm his guardian angel, he'll let the whole galaxy know in a day.

Aurora, Nomad, Emma, and Irin all laugh.

Aurora: So, Emma, who was that girl you're guarding now? Laila?

Emma: Yes. She's a sweet little homeless girl that's our age. I'm going to introduce her to your Wandering Group.

Aurora: (gasps) That's a great idea, Emma! The more members, the better!

Suddenly, red clouds surround the top of the Paradise. Red and black Wander-creatures descend from them. One of them, however, looked a little more frightening than the others. He was bigger than the rest, and his face was sort of crooked, with an eerie type of smile. Aurora recognized him right away.

Aurora: Havoc.

Havoc: (meanly) Greetings, angels! I hope we're not INTERUPTING anything!! (pushes an angel over, but he gets back up) We'll just take over the Paradise now, and call it the Screamadise! (Havoc and the demons laugh)

Irin: No. You won't.

Havoc: (laughs) Oh, really, and what are you gonna do to stop me?

Irin: (smirks) This. (yellow light forms in his hands. He shoots the light at Havoc, but Havoc just shoots red light at the yellow light. It destroys the yellow light, and hits Irin. Irin goes flying through the clouds and hits the ground below)

Aurora: IRIN!! (says to Emma) You, Nomad, and the others keep these demons under control! (flies down to Irin, who was laying on the ground) Irin! Irin!! Are you alright?

Irin: (tries to get up, but fails) Ow...(you see his wing is bent) wing...

Aurora: Oh, no...

Irin: I'm afraid I won't be able to fight in the battle...

Aurora: The battle?

Irin: Yes, the battle against the demons. The almighty and I sensed that this was coming. I won't be able to lead the angels to battle.

Aurora: Well, if you can't, then who will?

Irin: (smiles) You, Aurora.

Aurora: Me? No, I can't. Pick Emma or Nomad, they'll do a better job.

Irin: No, Aurora, I want you to lead them. Just trust in the almighty, and if you have to, trust in your friends.

Aurora: But if I trust them about this, they'll know I'm an angel!

Irin: No, they won't.

Aurora: Irin, you're really not making any sense right now...

Irin: Just trust me, you'll know what to do. (smiles, closes his eyes, and disapears)

Aurora: What? Irin? IRIN?!

Almighty's voice: It's ok, Aurora, he's with me in the Paradise. He already told me that he chose you to lead the battle against the demons.

Aurora: But, almighty one, I can't!

Almighty: Yes, you can. I believe in you. The angels believe in you. Your friends believe in you. All you have ot do is believe in yourself.

Aurora: Ok, I'll try.

Almighty: That's my angel! (his voice vanishes)

Aurora: (thinks for a second) I think I know what to do! (flies back to the Paradise)

(To be continued....)

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