The angels report to the almighty one and Irin.

Aurora: (says to the almighty and Irin) We did it. We're the victors.

Almighty: Well done, thou angels!

Irin: See, Aurora, you led them to battle! It wasn't hard, was it?

Aurora: No, not at all! (smiles) How's your wing?

Irin: It's feeling a lot better! Then again, we're in the Paradise, injuries heal quicker.

Almighty: Aurora, you get back down to earth. You have a friend waiting for you.

Aurora: Yes, sir! (flies out of the almighty's castle and down to earth. She finds her friends)

Nalu: Hey, Aurora! (hugs Aurora)

Aurora: Hey, bestie! (hugs back)

Sylvia: Where the heck have you been? You missed the most epic marshmellow eating contest EVER!!!

Micky: It was pretty epic.

Aurora: Oh, really? Who did it?

Nikka: Wander and Lord Hater! You should have seen the look on Hater's face!

Everyone laughs.

The End

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