There seems to be some monsters haunting Aurora and her friends. It watches them while they sleep, gives them bad dreams, and even continues to watch them during the day. Aurora is in a dark corner hugging her knees.

Aurora: (sings) Monster.

How should I feel?

Creatures lie here

Looking through the window

(Music plays. Aurora looks at the window. There is a pair of blood red eyes staring back at her)

The night he caged her

Bruised and broke her

He struggled closer

(Aurora has a vision of Micky being attacked and almost being killed by a monster)

Then he stole her!

(Aurora snaps out of the flashback. Her eyes get wide, and she puts her hands on her face)

Violet wrists

And then her ankles

Silent pain.

(Aurora sees Wander running away from something she can't see)

Then he slowly

Saw their nightmares

Were his dreams....

(Wander gets attacked by something, and again, almost murdered)


How should I feel?

Creatures lie here

Looking through the window.

(Aurora sees that under a bed, a monster with scales and glowing eyes just waited to pounce on her. Aurora was frozen with fear. She literally couldn't move.)

I will

Hear their voices

I'm a glass child

I am Nalu's regrets

(Long instumental pause. The monster creeps halfway out of under the bed. He jumped at Aurora, and everything went black. When Aurora woke up, she was in a little room with only Wander for company. They ran into each other's arms and didn't let go. They got it together, and realized that it was all their imagination. Everything went from black and grey to rainbow colors. The small room collapsed, and Aurora and Wander ran to join Micky and their other friends.)

(The End)

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