I just read Mlpreviews creepy blog post and got a crazy idea.

Aurora is walking through the dark woods. She is holding a teddy bear, but it's ripped up, and an ear is missing.

Aurora: (shouts) WHO WANTS A TEDDY BEAR?!? (takes what is left of the teddy bears paws, dances with it, singing the candyman song)

After Aurora is done singing, she says "candyman" three times into the darkness of the woods. Nothing happens.

Aurora: FLARF NABBIT!!!!

Wander, who was hiding behind a tree, poked his head out to try to make his escape. But Aurora saw him.

Aurora: HEY, FRIEND!!!! DO YOU WANT A TEDDY BEAR??!!! (holds up teddy bear)

Wander: (nervously) thanks...


If you take a good look at the teddy bear, you see blood on the feet and stomach.

Wander: I..really gotta go...

Aurora: (drops teddy bear in disapointment amd lowers her voice a tiny bit) Aww, but this is so FUN!! (slowly pulls out a chainsaw) HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO DIE LIKE THE TEDDY BEAR DID?!?! (starts chainsaw)

Wander's eyes get big, he screams bloody murder, and Aurora slices the chainsaw right down Wander's head. Chenavy, Sylvia, Nalu, and Starlight come running.

Nalu: Hey, what's going on over here?

They see Wander's dead body on the ground and gasp. Aurora rapidly turns her head toward them. She puts the chainsaw away, and picks up the teddy bear.

Aurora: HELLO, FRIENDS!!!! WOULD YOU LIKE A TEDDY BEAR?! (holds up the teddy bear. Now blood is dripping off of it)

Chenavy: Umm, let me see, NO!!!! RUN!!!!

They all turn to run, but Aurora beats them to the end of the dark forest. She starts the chainsaw again.

Aurora: (smiles a huge creepypasta smile) YOUR BLOOD WILL ADD GREAT TEXTURE TO THE TEDDY BEAR!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

The End....of Chenavy, Sylvia, Nalu, and Starlight.

May they rest in peace.

Lol jk XD

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