Aurora: I'm so glad I met you, Micky! Your like the friend I've always wanted!

Micky: Thanks, Aurora! You know what I find funny?

Aurora: What?

Micky: That our zbornaks are brother and sister. It's such a coincidence!

Aurora: Yeah, tell me about it.

Micky: Hey, you remember Taffie and Rono?

Aurora: (giggles) Yes...

Micky: They were both SO desperate!

Aurora: I know, right? I'm glad we left them behind on that other planet!

Micky: Heck, yeah!

Aurora: (is silent for a second) Micky...

Micky: Yeah?

Aurora: Why were you left for dead on the street?

Micky: Oh, Aurora, that's the question I may never be able to answer. (frowns) I thank the Almighty for Nikka, who found me and claimed me as her own.

Aurora: That's good.

Micky: (is silent and just looks at Aurora) You're making it sound like it wasn't good.

Aurora: Of coarse it was! Why would you say that?

Micky: It's just...the tone of your voice...

Aurora: Oh, so now your saying you don't like my VOICE, now?!

Micky: NO! Why would I say anything about your voice?!

Aurora: Because your the kind of person who finds the bad in EVERYTHING!!!!!

Micky: (eyes get big with sadness and just stares at Aurora)

Aurora: What are you lookin' at? You know what, you should've just died in that box on the street! Nikka should have NEVER rescued you!

Micky: You know what? I kinda wish she didn't...."friend." (runs away from Aurora)

Aurora: (realized what she just said and fell against a tree....crying)

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