Maddie flapped her old/new bat wings.

Maddie: I'll be honest, being a griffon was way more exciting.

Hanna's voice: It's not like I was going to make the fruit bat spell permanent. I know what you really want.

Hanna comes through a portal.

Maddie: Hanna! (flies down from the tree that she was in and hugged Hanna) I thought you left!

Hanna: No, I wasn't going to leave until you made it clear that you didn't want to be a bat.

Maddie: I mean, I knew I was born like this, but...being a griffon gave me a sense of freedom.

Hanna: So, if you had to choose between being a fruit bat or a griffon, which one would you pick?

You see a close up of Maddie's face, then it cuts to the Wandering Group sitting in a circle doing their own thing.

Luka: (who is sharpening a stick) Hey, has anyone seen Maddie today?

Sylvia: No.

Dan: Nope. Haven't seen her.

Shine: Hmm, it's not like her to just disapear like this.

Scorpio: Oh, umm..actually, it..kinda is like her to do something like this.

Shine looks at Scorpio.

Scorpio: Sorry...

Shine: (smiles at Scorpio as if to say, "It's ok.")

Suddenly, there is rustling in the bushes. Maddie comes through. You don't see the wings that she has, but once she is completely through, she stops, and spreads out her beautiful new griffon wings.

Sylvia: Hey, Maddie, I thought you had bat wings.

Maddie: (folds in wings) Yes, but that didn't work out so well. I know I was born with bat wings, but I discovered who I really am. I'm a griffon!

Maddie turns into a griffon, squawks, and flies past a few trees and over a hill.

Maddie the Griffon -

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