Hey, everyone! I read one of Forever Trombone's blog posts, "The Story of my Life", and it really got to me. I was struck with sadness for well as me. When I finished reading it, I told her that I was also going through something hard: being left out. I've gone on wikiHow for advice, and even talked to my parents and youth group councilers, but nothing seemed to help. Besides my friends on this wiki, I do feel like I have one friend. She lives just down the street from me, and her name is Morgan. I doubt she goes on Wikia, but just in case she does, I just want to take a minute to thank her for being the best friend she could possibly be through this time of struggle. Ok, now on to the point of this blog post. After I read Forever Trombone's post, and focused on my own troubles. I decided to start making stories about a female Wander-creature named Kate (her full name is Katherine) who struggles with fitting in with any kind of group. She always feels left out no matter where she goes. I won't go into the details becuz u guys are gonna find out what happens! :)

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