Everything was grey. The only color that seemed to pop was Aurora's brown fur.

Aurora: (sings) I always thought love

Would fit like a glove

But when push comes to shove

I just need to know....

(Sits on a tree branch, and looks down)

Is this the feeling I've been dreaming of....

(Looks up. Eyes are sparkling, and wet from tears)

Oh, those above?

(Instumental pause. Aurora gets off the branch and continues walking. She sees Wander sitting alone on a rock...crying. He was upset Shine and Scorpio left.)

Aurora: (sings) One of the worst things in life

Is watching whom you love

Go through hard times

It's all because of pain



As his friend

I'll never let him down



(Starts to walk to Wander. Everything slowly retrieves its color back.)

But you will face these trials together

Like they say

What doesn't kill you

Makes you stronger

You will hold your head up high

Let go of the past...

(Aurora reaches out and grabs Wander's hand.)

Wander and Aurora: (talking) ....and keep moving forward.

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