Aurora approaches Roxie the next day.

Aurora: Hello....Roxie.

Roxie: Hello....Aurora.

Aurora: I figured out why you know so mush about me...

Roxie: Oh, yeah? How?

Aurora: Because you, Roxie, are from the underworld! You...are a DEMON!!

Roxie: (spreads out her demon wings and brushes her hair out of the way to reveal demon horns) Congrats, you've figured it out! The more info us demons get about angels, the more we can make ourselves look like angels.

Aurora: What? NO!!

Roxie: Yes!

Aurora: (suddenly feels sorry for Roxie) Roxie, you don't have to live like this. Once this life in the galaxy is over, you'll remain in the underworld forever!

Roxie: Well, I don't really have a choice! I was created a demon!

Aurora: But you have a choice, Roxie! Everybody does! Either turn your back to the UnderLord, or stay with him in the flames of the underworld forever.

It is silent for a second. Roxie looked at the ground, then looked up at Aurora.

Roxie: Aurora, I'm sorry. I really don't want to be this way. The only reason why I was spying on you was because the UnderLord assigned me to you. If you think I'm a stalker, that's fine...

Aurora: I don't think you're a stalker, at least, not anymore. (takes Roxie's hands) C'mon, join my Wandering Group! Trust in the almighty, and come with me to the Paradise.

Roxie: (nods as in she's saying, "Yes")

Suddenly, there was a message from the UnderLord.

UnderLord: So, Roxie, you're choosing the almighty over me? YOU GO RIGHT AHEAD!!! I never needed you!

Roxie: Yeah, I think I will!

Aurora: (flies up to the UnderLord's face) Get outta here, UnderLord, and never return!!

The UnderLord's face disapears.

Roxie: Now what?

Aurora: (smiles) You join the Wandering Group. (smiles)

The End

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