Before Wander and Aurora were married, they still had tons of adventures with the Wandering Group. Yeah, Kate and Sasha were only a temporary characters that I just used to relate to what I've been going through. :)

Aurora: (is sitting on a large rock looking at the stars when someone comes up behind her)

?: (female voice) Beautiful night, isn't it?

Aurora turns around to see a red Wander-creature with short hair that almost looked spiked, but it was facing the ground.

Aurora: Who are you?

?: I hear your name is Aurora, one of the head angels. (smiles creepily)

Aurora's eyes get wide.

Aurora: did you know? Again, who are you?

?: The name's Roxie. (smiles nicely this time) Nice to meet you.

Aurora: Um, ok...Roxie...but, how do you know I'm an angel?

Roxie: Oh, us demons know everything...

Aurora: What?

Roxie: I said that I know you from school. (smiles)

Aurora: How? I don't remember you from school...

Roxie: I was, umm...graduating when you came to the school.

Aurora: Well, ok...I'd better be going, I umm...have a meeting. (quickly flies away)

(To be continued....)

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