Aurora was sitting in a hammock singing, like she always does.

Aurora: (sings) You're my guardian angel

Hiding in the woods....

?: I am! How did you know?

Aurora is startled, and falls out of the hammock. Something seems to fly straight at her and grabbed her just before she hit the ground. The creature stood her up and placed her on the ground.

?: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. That what an angel can do to you, I guess...

Aurora looked at the creature. The creature was a white Wander-creature with white angel wings. She kind of looked like Maddie. The Wander-creature had hair like Fluttershy from My Little Pony that was the same white color as her wings and body.

Aurora: An angel? Who...who are you?

?: My name is Emma, and I'm your angel.

Aurora: What does it mean when you say, "Your my angel"?

Emma: When a creature like you is born, an angel from above would be assigned to guard you and keep you away from trouble. I, as you can see, was assigned to you!

Aurora: Like what kind of trouble would a creature like me run into?

Emma: Oh, all kinds of things...things to hard to explain. However, I did lead you to Wander and the group because I knew that Maddie would leave Wander, and I knew that you would be the right match for him.

Aurora: (blushes) I like him back, but...why me?

Emma: Like your friend Micky said, just wait for what the angels above have planned for you.

Aurora: Ok. (pauses) Hey, you look about my age...

Emma: That's because I am! I was assigned to you at a young age, and the Almighty knew that you and I would be great...friends.

Aurora: Friends? I've..never been friends with an angel before...

Emma: Well, now you are! (hugs Aurora)

Aurora: (takes Emma's hands) You should join my Wandering Group!

Emma: Oh, no, Aurora...I can't.

Aurora: Why not?

Emma: I can't let them know I'm an angel.

Aurora: Why?

Emma: (turns away from Aurora)'s complicated...

Aurora: I say we hide your wings. No one will suspect a thing! (smiles)

Emma: Well, ok. (looks back at Aurora) Oh, for letting me join. It's an honor. (smiles back)

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