Aurora just got out from an angel meeting in the Paradise. She flew down, folded in her wings, and started to walk in a garden.

Aurora: (sings) The dead come to life

Dead come to life...

Aurora stops singing when she hears chirping coming from the bushes. She quietly walks over, peeks in, and see a baby bird that couldn't fly. It must have fallen out of its nest. Aurora looked up, but saw no nest. She took the baby bird in her hands and stroked its head. It was so soft!

Aurora: I need to get this baby bird some food.

Aurora flew to a small nearby tree, made a tiny nest out of grass and sticks, and placed the baby bird in the nest.

Aurora: Let's see...birds eat...(gulps)...worms.

Aurora quickly began to dig through the ground. She found two.

Aurora: This won't be enough to keep the baby alive!

She fed the worms to the bird anyway.

Night quickly fell upon the planet, and Aurora took the bird back to the Wandering Group. Everyone gathered around it.

Wander: IT'S SO CUTE!!!!

Chenavy: I know, right?

Nomad: Where in the galaxy did you find it?!

Aurora: In a bush. I think it fell out of its nest.

Nikka: (gasps) That's terrible!

Micky: Tell me about it!

Chenavy: Hey, I know! Let's name him Starry!

Nomad: Yeah!

Nalu: Well, what are you gonna do, Aurora?

Aurora: I guess I can raise it until Starry gets old enough to fly on his own, which won't take a while.

Chenavy: Hey...where's Emma?

Micky: Yeah, where is she?

Aurora: (gulps) Umm...Emma's no longer in the group. She's got..umm...another group's she's with. (smiles)

Wander: Wow, she ditched!

Sylvia: MEANIE!!

Nomad: Yeah.

Aurora: Anyway, Wander, ok if Starry spends the night with us?

Wander: Oh, yeah, sure!

Aurora: Ok, well, goodnight, everyone!




Soon, everyone was asleep. Soon, it was morning. Aurora spent the whole next day with Starry, that she even missed an angel meeting. Pretty soon, Starry could fly! Aurora let it fly out of her hand. She felt a tear roll down her cheek. She had gotten so close to Starry! Suddenly, she heard a chirp...Starry's chirp! He flew back to her and landed on her shoulder. Then, Aurora saw eyes gazing at her in the bushes. A bunch of animals creeped out. Aurora saw a few bunnies, a deer, another bird, a turtle, and a fox. They all slowly crept toward Aurora, then they let Aurora pet them. The animals now saw how sweet and caring Aurora was to Starry. Aurora was now the angel of the animals!

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