Here we may as well end the story of Aurora. She continued to travel with the Wandering Group, and never left their sides. She continued to do her royal duty as an angel. One day, as Wander and Aurora were out watching the moon overlook the sea, Wander proposed to her. She was stunned, and cried tears of joy. She said she would marry him. Their wedding was a success. The Wandering Group came, the angels came, Princess Demurra and Drake came, and a whole bunch of others came. After what was about a year, Wander and Aurora had three baby Wander-creatures together. Two of them were boys, and the youngest was a girl. They named their babies Ace, Josh, and Margaret. Those three would run around the field near where Wander and Aurora settled down. Wander and Aurora never left the Wandering Group. It was springtime, then, which meant "new life" to them. Nalu and Sylvia were married. (LOTS OF MARRIAGES!!!! XD) Nearly everyone in the Wandering Group found someone to love. After a few years, the Wandering Group was filled with tiny Wander-creatures and zbornaks. Wander and Aurora still continue to prove their love for each other, but Wander never forgot Maddie, nor the kisses he shared with her. He knew he made the right choice in choosing Aurora. Today, Wander and Aurora sleep in Wander's hat together, pressed into each other, guarding their three children, and hating the moment when the both of them finally had to wake up.

The End :)

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