Aurora and Micky were spending some girl time together. Micky was straightening Aurora's bangs.

Aurora: Hey, Micky....

Micky: Yeah?

Aurora: Have you ever...well...had a crush?

Micky: No, why?

Aurora: There's just this guy....I like him as like him....and I'm pretty sure he likes me back.

Micky: Well, then, ask him out, already!

Aurora: Micky, I...I can't.

Micky: Why not? Give me two good reasons why you can't.

Aurora: Well, I...

Micky: You scared?

Aurora: No, I'm not scared...I just don't want to be too forward.

Micky: You do have a point, there.

Micky quietly continues to straighten Aurora's hair, when she accidentally burns Aurora's neck.

Aurora: OW!!

Micky: (softly) Oh, sorry...(waits a few seconds)...have you ever thought about why heat can straighten hair?

Aurora: Yeah, it's because of the salt bonds in your hair that are broken by the heat from the straightener.

Micky's eyes get wide, and she stopped straightening Aurora's hair for a second.

Aurora: When heat hits these bonds, they break, and when the hair cools, it becomes a new shape.

Micky's mouth drops.

Micky: did you know that?

Aurora: I...don't know. It just came to me.

Micky: Aurora, your a genius!

Aurora: I am?

Micky: Where did you learn that?

Aurora: I don't remember, I just...remembered.

Micky: Your brain can come of great use to the Wandering Group!

Aurora: How does being smart have anything to do with the Wandering Group?

Micky: I guess we'll have to wait and see what the angels send our way. (smiles)

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