The Wandering Group had a long day wandering and exploring. They decided to sleep in a cave they found for the night.

Sylvia: Whew! What a day, right, guys?

Everyone nods.

Chenavy: What do you guys say we go explore the river some more tomorrow?

Everyone agrees and nod again.

Nomad: Well, it's about time we get some shut eye.

Nikka: Totally. (curls up around her brother, Nalu)

Nalu: Goodnight, everyone!

Sylvia: (who suddenly appears next to Nalu and whispers) Goodnight, Nalu. (kisses him on the cheek. Nalu blushes. Sylvia thought that Nalu was a better match for her than Dan, who left the group when Maddie did)

When Aurora thought everyone was asleep, she got up and was about to walk out of the cave to go up to the Paradise, when she heard a voice.

?: Hey, Aurora! Where you going?

It was Wander.

Aurora: Oh, I'm just, umm...checking the moon.

Wander: Why?

Aurora: I study the moon. Actually, I study a lot of things, the moon, the stars, psycology, meteorology, and any of the planets. I'm kinda known as "the smart one". (giggles) Anyway, just go to sleep, and I'll be right here when you wake up, ok?

Wander: Ok. (goes back to sleep in his hat)

Aurora walked away from the cave. When she was sure she was a safe distance from the cave, she spread out her angel wings and flew up through the clouds and to the Paradise. She flew up to the Almighty's throne, landed, then bowed.

Almighty: Everything going ok?

Aurora: Yes, sir! Wander is safe with me and our friends!

Almighty: Excellent! You are doing a real great job! The angels and I made the right choice to choose you to be an angel!

Aurora: Thank you, sir!

Almighty: Goodnight, Aurora, you are dismissed!

Aurora: Thank you, sir! (flies away and to her dorm room. She met up with Emma and Irin in the game room) Hey, guys!

Emma and Irin: (along with other angels) Hey, Aurora!

Irin: How did your first day as a guardian go?

Aurora: It went great! I'm just hoping and praying that they don't find out that I'm...not normal.

Emma: (puts arm around Aurora) Don't worry! No one assumes anything! C'mon, let's play some games!

Aurora, Emma, Irin, and the other angels stayed up all night playing games, eating fried chicken, and drinking milkshakes in their game room. Before Aurora knew it, the sun was rising over the horizon, shining its light into the game room window.

Irin: (claps to get everyone's attention) Ok, angels! It's a new day! We'll go to those we guard. Remember, we're doing this for the Almighty.

All angels: TO THE ALMIGHTY!!!

Irin: That's the spirit! Now, angels, depart!

All the angels depart. Aurora flew back to the cave the Wandering Group was spending the night in. Lucky for her, they were still asleep. Aurora folded in her wings and walked over to Wander. He woke up.

Aurora: (softly) Hey, Wander.

Wander: (tiredly) Hey.

Aurora: I told you I'd be here when you woke up! (smiles)

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