Wander walked to a lake one day, but this wasn't any ordinary lake. Wander looked at his reflection, when suddenly, his reflection came out of the lake and was standing right in front of him.

Wander: Hi, I'm Wander!

Wander #2: Sha, I know. I'm you, dude. (frowns)

Wander: Oh, well...I'm sorry.

Wander #2: I'll see ya later, sucka. (walks past Wander and into the woods)

Later, Maddie was trying some spells with the powers she received from Hanna, and Dan was standing beside her. Suddenly, Wander #2 comes out of the forest, and walks into the field Maddie and Dan were in. He stopped, and gazed at Maddie. There were hearts around his head, and Maddie whips her hair in slow motion and looks at him and blinks beautifully.

Maddie: Oh, hey, Wander! Wanna watch me practice my spells?

Wander #2: Oh, umm...sure...

Wander #2 walks over to Maddie and Dan. Dan was sensing that something was up.

Wander #2: So, uhh...what's your name? (smiles)

Maddie: (turns to him confused) What?

Wander #2: (starts to sweat) Haha! Got ya! Hehe..

Dan: Um, about we try the plant spell?

Wander #2: (whispers) Oh..her name is Maddie.

Maddie nods at Dan, then pink and purple light comes out of her hands. She shoots it at a small plant, and it grows into a giant flower. Dan claps.

Dan: Woohoo! Awesome!

Wander #2: (says to Dan) Hey, thing. That's your name, right?

Maddie: Look, Wander...those jokes aren't funny anymore.

Wander #2: (sweats again) Oh, haha...they're not?

Maddie: Wander, what's wrong? You've been acting weird these past couple minutes.

Wander #2; Oh, Maddie..I...I love you! (takes Maddie by the hand and dances with her)

Maddie: (blushes)

Wander #2 dips Maddie, and Dan whispers to her.

Dan: (whispers) Something just isn't right with Wander, today.

Maddie: (whispers) Dan, it's fine.

Wander #2 and Maddie continue dancing, when the original Wander came into the field.

Wander: Maddie, I..

Maddie: (giggles)

Wander #2: (gives Wander an evil look)

Wander: (looks at Wander #2 like, "What the heck?")

Maddie: (sees Wander) Wait...two Wanders?

Wander: Maddie, it's me, Wander! Don't believe this fraud!

Wander #2: Umm, excuse me? You need to back off, buddy

The Wanders continue to go at each other.

Maddie: (whispers to herself) This just doesn't seem like Wander...(gets an idea)..I know what to do.

The screen goes black, but you still see Maddie's eyes.

Maddie got the two Wanders to sit down and watch a dry patch in the ground.

Maddie: Now, I'm going to use my grass growing spell to grow grass here. It takes a while, though. So, I'm putting you to this test, to find out who the real Wander is.

Maddie used her grass growing spell on the dry patch. Maddie wasn't wrong, it did take a while.

Wander #2: (after a while) Ugh, this is SOOOOOOO boring! I'm outta here, gonna go steal a motercycle, or somethin'. (starts to walk away)

Maddie: Oh, no ya don't...(uses one of her spells to lift Wander #2 up, and put him back in the lake)

Wander #2: NOOOOooooo...(fades as he is put in the lake)

Wander: (wipes sweat) Whoo! Thank goodness.

Maddie: Now, for the final test. (closes her eyes, and pulls out something) you want a sandwich?

Wander: HECK, YEAH!! (takes the sandwich and eats it) Also, Maddie, I couldn't bare to loose you. I kept my eye on the grass because I was thinking...

Maddie: Ok, ok..we all get it. (blushes) Want to go to the Delhi, guys? My treat!

Wander and Dan: YEAH!!!

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