Wander really, really liked Aurora. So one day, he got the courage to ask her out.

Wander: Hey, Aurora? I've been meaning to ask you about something...

Aurora: Anything, Wander.

Wander: I...don't know how to say this without sounding awkward, but...

Aurora: Nothing you say is "awkward", Wander! (smiles)

Wander: Ok, then, well...don't be weirded out, but....Aurora...will you go out with me?

Aurora froze. It was true, she liked Wander, too, and she wanted to date him more than anything, but when they dated, she would have to spend more time with him, which may mean skipping angel meetings, and maybe even forgetting the angels altogether. What if he, and the Wandering Group, find out she's an angel? She couldn't go out with least not yet.

Aurora: I..I'm sorry, Wander...I can't. I know I how you feel, I just don't know how I feel. I'm sorry, I really am. (runs away with tears in her eyes)

The End?

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