Maddie flew over to her family's castle one day. She had a question she wanted to ask. She walked up to King Thomas and Queen Julia's thrones.

Maddie: Um, Mom...Dad..I have a question I've been meaning to ask you.

Julia: Well, sure. Ask away.

Maddie: I was just flying around on the planet my friends and I were wandering on, and I was come when I had fruit bat wings, I was the only one who had them?

Thomas and Julia look at each other nervously.

Maddie: You guys don't have wings, and Comet and Lily don't have wings! How come I'm the only one with wings?

Thomas: (says to Julia) It's time to tell her the truth.

Maddie: The truth? About what?

Thomas and Julia walk down from their thrones.

Julia: Maddie, sweetie...your father and I have to tell you something that we should have told you long ago...

Maddie: What? What is it?

Thomas: Your mother and I...we...adopted you from a family of werebats.

Maddie's eyes get wide, and the dramatic chipmunk music plays.

To be continued...

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