I just thought I would write Ep. 14 now since it's labor day weekend. Also, I just saw Muppets Most Wanted and it was AMAZING. :D

(Angel was still hallucinating. She opened her eyes, and saw that she was in the Slendywander's lair, even though she was just in the middle of the forest. She looked up and saw the Slendywander standing in front of a wall with blood all over it. Every time Angel blinked in shock, the Slendywander got closer. She finally passed out from fear. Meanwhile, Wander, Sylvia, Makota, Blade, Shine, Nomad, and Chenavy were sharpening weapons with rocks. Blade, who was laying down and sharpening an arrowhead, finally sat up.)

Blade: Hey, has anyone seen Angel?

(Everyone shakes their heads)

Sylvia: Maybe something bad has happened to her!

Shine: Or MAYBE she went to go get some food. Food is scarce these days.

Chenavy: No kidding, Shine, REALLY?

Wander: Guys, calm DOWN. Angel...probably just went out to...oh, I don't know....hunt?

(Everyone looks at Wander like, "Shut up, please.")

(Meanwhile, Angel finally woke up, and was out of her hallucination. She saw herself in the middle of the forest. She slowly stood up, and looked around.)

Angel: (quietly) I think I was hallucinating... (hears a twig break behind her, and spins around)

(It was Katie.)

Katie: (grins) Told ya that the fight wasn't over.

Angel: (grits teeth and pulls out knife from behind her back, and charges at Katie)

(Katie got out her knife, and aims at Angel's wrist, but misses. Then, when Katie was least expecting it, Angel cut her on her shoulder. Katie screamed with pain. Angel then pinned Katie against a tree.)

Angel: Listen, Katie, we don't have to fight like this! We should team up, you, Hater, Peepers, and ever single Watchdog! Together, we can come up with a way to stop these monster spirits from killing all of us! (waits for Katie's answer)

Katie: (looks to the side) Look, I would do anything for Hater because I love him...I only wish he would return the favor. He wants to be the greatest force in the universe, so he and I kill any creature we can. But...nobody has ever offered me to join sides with them like this....

Angel: I'm part of a Wandering Group. We take care of each other. You, Hater, Peepers, and the Watchdogs are more than welcomed to join it. (smiles)

Katie: (looks down, thinks for a second, looks up at Angel, and nods her head) 

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