(Katie was back on Lord Hater's ship)

Hater: For the LAST time, Katie, I'm NOT going to join Wander and his STUPID GROUP!!!

Katie: They aren't stupid. They welcomed us into their group with open arms, and you're just gonna turn them down?

Hater: Yes! I am the greatest evil force in the universe, and I'm not going to let a furball and his little group ruin that for me!

Katie: (who was in love with Hater, couldn't say no to him) Ok, I guess your right. (frowns)

(Later, Angel decided to wait for Katie before going back to the group, but Katie didn't come back.)

Angel: I guess she'll find her own way back. (looks at the horizon and sees the sun setting. The sun's light reflects off her pupils) I should probably find some food before going back. (walks through the forest to a meadow that she and Makota played in as kids)

(Suddenly, Angel heard a noise from above. She looked up, and through the trees, she saw spirits hovering over them. Angel immediatley ducked into the bushes. When the spirits have left, she came out and walked to the meadow. She looked at one end of the field, and for a split second saw a splash of red dart from one tree to the next. Angel shivered when she thought of what it might be, but she had to get food. She found a berry bush and quickly filled her bag with as many berries as her bag could hold. Then, before Angel could take a breath, the splash of red jumped out of nowhere and tackled Angel. The creature had a bow and arrow like Wander's. Angel looked up and saw the creature. She looked like her, but she was red with bangs that covered one of her eyes.)

?: Oh, sorry, you looked like one of THEM. (gets off Angel and stands up)

Angel: Well, I'm NOT, I'm just trying to get food for me and my friends.

?: As am I, and I'm afraid I'm in a hurry... (turns and starts to walk away)

Angel: Wait! Maybe we can help each other. What's your name?

?: The name's Luka. (turns around to look at Angel) What's yours?

Angel: Angel...Angel Starbright....wait a minute...Luka....Wander told me about you!

Luka: Whoa, whoa, wait. Wander? You mean the Wander with the big floppy green hat and the accent?

Angel: Yes! That's Wander! How do you know him?

Luka: Well...when we were young...I would bully him. Later on, we met again, and he welcomed me into his Wandering Group with a kind heart.

Angel: Why did you leave, then?

Luka: (a moment of silence) There was someone who separated us. Her name was Maddie, and....

Angel: (eyes go big) Maddie...the one with the griffon wings who broke up with Wander....

Luka: (eyes go big too) Yes. Maddie left because....

Angel: I know, I know. Wander told me the whole story.

Luka: (notices the scar on Angel's cheek) Hey, what happened to your cheek?

Angel: (places her hand on her scar) Oh, a pack of wolves attacked me. Not really that important. (smiles at the corner of her mouth)

Luka: Well, it's nice to see someone from Wander's group again. (smiles) Oh, hey, you think it's possible for my friends and I to join your group? My friends and I are a small group, and it would be nice for us to feel more protected.

Angel: (looks Luka in the eye and grins as if to say, "Yes")

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