(Angel returns to the group with Luka and her friends)

Angel: I found some more members.

(Wander turns his head, and Wander and Luka's eyes meet.)

Wander: Luka.

Luka: Wander.

(Wander and Luka glare meanly at each other. Everyone else turns to see the new members.)

Angel: So, this is Luka, some of you know her.

Shine: Luka....(who was sharpening a stick with a rock)....long time no see. How've you been? (grins mischeviously)

Luka: Just great, Shine...just great.

Angel; Anyway, these are Luka's friends, Flash...

Flash: Sup.

Angel: Sabrina....

Sabrina: (who looks up from her phone, and pops her gum) Hey, I'm Sabrina, and...(sees Wander, and the chorus of "Stay With Me" plays. Sabrina gazes at Wander, and Wander just gives her a confused look. Luka snaps in front of Sabrina's face, and she snaps out of it.) Umm, yeah...I'm Sabrina.

Angel: ...and Tylar.

Tylar: But you all can call me Ty.

Wander: Well, it's nice to meet all of you! Welcome to the group!

Angel: (looks at the horizon and doesn't see the sun anymore) i think we should let Luka and her friends get settled down. Then we should get some sleep.

(Everyone nods and separates. As Angel is walking away, she feels a light tap on her shoulder. She turned around, and it was Wander.)

Wander: Hey, I just wanna say that...I know the war isn't over yet....

Angel: It's gonna get worse.

Wander: That's why I want to let you know....that if you feel like you need someone to lean on...I'm always know that.

Angel: Of course you are, because you're a good friend, Wander. (smiles)

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