(Wander and Angel find Sylvia and make a fire. Wander plays his banjo as Angel tries to relax. She's gotten really paranoid. She felt as if the spirits were watching her every second.)

Sylvia: It's ok, Angel, we're safe here.

Angel: (whose eyes were big with fear) We're never safe, Sylvia.

Sylvia: (studies Angel's face then turns to Wander) Wander, we'll be right back. (picks up Angel and carries her away from the fire) I know that face anywhere. It's time for some girl talk.

Angel: Yes, thank you.

Sylvia: Ok, spill it.

Angel: (takes a deep breath) Well, I think I...well....I think I like Wander.

Sylvia: more than a friend, right?

Angel: (nods)

Sylvia: Well, you should tell him!

Angel: What? No way. I can't do that. Wander and I have been friends for a long time, just wouldn't be right. My head is telling me no, but my heart is telling me yes! What should I do, Sylvia?

Sylvia: Hmmm...well, I say go with what your heart says. I believe that your heart is always right.

Angel: Ok. This isn't gonna be easy, though. (looks at the ground)

Sylvia: That's ok. Take all the time you need. (gives Angel a warm smile)

Angel: Thank you for talking with me, Sylvia.

Sylvia: No problem! (smiles and starts to walk back to the fire) You coming?

Angel: (is about to answer but hears something in the bushes behind her) I'll just be a minute.

Sylvia: (gives Angel a thumbs up and walks back to the fire)

(Katie, who is not ForeverTrombone but a female pink Wander-creature with dark pink hair, freezes behind the bush as Angel comes closer.)

Katie: (whispers) Grop, she heard me.

(Angel opens up the bushes and sees Katie. Katie looks up at her and grins an evil grin.)

Katie: There you are. (jumps out of the bushes, pins Angel to the ground, and covers Angel's mouth) Your that girl that Hater thought was Wander, aren't you?

Angel: (makes muffled sounds)

Katie: (chuckles) Well, to tell you the truth, Hater and I have been searching the galaxy for you guys. (takes out her own knife) Now, we've finally found you, again. (grins an evil grin again)

(Katie grips her knife and slowly stabs it into Angel's arm. Angel tried to scream for help, but Katie's hand was still over her mouth. Katie slowly brought the knife down her arm, and Angel's blood coated the top of it. Suddenly, Angel got an idea. A few seconds later, Katie pulled her hand back, and the knife out of her.)

Katie: EW!! You just licked my hand!

(Then, Angel tackled Katie, and got her own knife out. Angel tried to aim for Katie's throat, but she was a good fighter. Angel and Katie stabbed and fought until Katie finally backed up.)

Katie: (breathes deeply) This...(gasps)...fight isn't....(gasps)...OVER. (turns around and disappears into the dark)

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