Angel: This war starts now.

(Monsters and spirits came at the group from all different directions. Angel got out her sword and sliced a monster's chest. Some of it's blood hit her cheek and streamed down her face. Wander used his bow and arrow to shoot through a spirit's leg. Sylvia went around throat punching everyone. Makota used his new nunchucks to smack any monster or spirit he could. One spirit, however, was quicker than he. When he turned around, a spirit stabbed something into his leg. He saw the blood flow from his leg to the ground. He couldn't move that leg. The spirit looked down on him to finish him.)

Makota: I'm not going down THAT quick! (uses his horn to stab the spirit in the throat, and the spirit screams and dies.) Someone, HELP!!

(Angel heard Makota's call and raced over to him, with her hands covered in blood) Makota, what happened?

Makota: It was a spirit. It hurt my leg, and now I can't move it.

Angel: We NEED to end this fight, but their...

Makota: Angel, WATCH OUT!!!!

Angel: (turns around) Huh? (sees monster for a split second as it cuts her cheek with it's claw. Angel fell to the ground. The monster though she was dead and ran away, as did the rest of the monsters and spirits who were still living. Wander looks over and sees Angel and Makota laying on the ground.)

Wander: 0 __ 0

Sylvia: Angel! Makota!

(Wander and Sylvia ran over to them. Angel and Makota lay very still.)

Wander: (shakes Angel) Angel, ANGEL?! Please tell me you're ok!

Angel: (weakly) I'm ok.

Wander: (with a tear in his eye) Oh, that's all I ever wanted to hea...WAIT, SHE'S OK!!!!

Sylvia: Makota? dead?

Makota: Yeah. (derp face)

Sylvia: Very funny.

Makota: (smiles as he sits up)

Wander: (says to Sylvia) We should get herbs to heal them.

(Angel sees Wander's arm was cut deeply)

Angel Oh, Wander, are you

Wander: Don't worry, I'll be fine. (tries to smile)

(After Wander and Sylvia get leaves, herbs, and bandages to heal Angel and Makota, they treated their own wounds. Then, Wander put a leaf on Angel's cheek to give the cut the medicine from the leaf to heal)

Wander: Your cheek should be all better now, Angel. (takes leaf off of Angel's cheek)

(There was a scar on Angel's cheek)

Angel: Thanks, Wander. (sees Makota's leg in bandages and rushes over to him)

Makota: I still can't move my leg.

Sylvia: I don't know what the monster back there did to him, but he still can't move his leg.

Angel: Quick, we must take him to Starr!

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