Wander and Aurora sit on a log together, watching their friends run and play in the meadow in front of them.

Wander: We're not the only we don't have to...

Aurora: (puts finger on Wander's lips) Yes, Wander. Don't ever say that R word again. (smiles)

Wander: (smiles back) Ok. (started to think that he and Aurora's kiss was fake)

Aurora looked at her friends again. She saw Nalu, Micky, and Nikka. She looked over to her right, and saw Taffie arguing with Rono. Aurora smiled at the thought that they would make the cutest couple.

Wander: (swallows and turns to Aurora) But, umm...considering we're not the only ones matter what happens, we'll always be friends, right?

Aurora: (looks at the ground and blushes) Yeah....just friends.

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