aka KC

  • I live in Penhart
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is Artist, Comic Book Writer
  • I am A nerd girl
  • Dominator&RyderareBackinWOY

    Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa are waiting for Wander and Sylvia to check the RV out. Wander and Sylvia checked out Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger's rooms.

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  • Dominator&RyderareBackinWOY

    Wander & Sylvia are waiting for Uncle Grandpa to show up.

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  • Dominator&RyderareBackinWOY

    Bob wanted to bully Wander & Sylvia, but it failed. First, puppet wizard tricked Wander and Sylvia by turning them into puppets!! KC thinks Wander and Sylvia are now unable to move freely. But Wander and Sylvia are ready to beat him. Wander and Sylvia returned to their normal forms. As a superhero, Wander cuts holes in his hat for his eyes and a towel for a cape. Wander used his banjo to kill Puppet Wizard. Sylvia fought Puppet Wizard to protect her friend.

    After they beat puppet wizard, Bob the Builder returned, alongside Wendy. Bob the Builder wants to make friends with Wander.

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