• Eddie.hinkle.7

    (Shine tries not to drop her jaw)

    Shine: Um, again sorry I bumped into you

    Maddie: You seem new. Do you want me to show you around?

    Shine: Yes, please

    Maddie: Follow me throughout the school day. I'm sure that will give you a enough idea.

    (Maddie starts walking around and showing her different classes.)

    Maddie: That is the principal's offfice. You don't want to go in there.

    Shine: Because?

    Maddie: The principal never comes out and always keeps his door shut. (shutters)

    (Next shot is them by the gym)

    Maddie: And finally, we have the gym. They're seting up the school carnival for tomorrow night.

    Shine: Thanks for bringing me around

    Maddie: You can always find me where we bumped into each (giggles then turns and walks away)

    (Shine peeks into the gym and s…

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  • Eddie.hinkle.7

    (Shine looks around. She seems to be in a high school's front yard)

    Shine: Maybe I can find out more in that building

    (she points to a the high school. She goes up the stairs and opens the door.)

    Shine: (reads a sign as she goes into the school) Welcome to Yonder High? Oh no!

    (a bell rings. A huge crowd of many students crowds the hall. Shine gets caught in the crowd. She falls and tries to crawl past a whole bunch of feet. She finally makes it out of the crowd and rolls out. She bumps into a guy that looks like Lord Hater but a human)

    Hater: Hey, watch where you're going.

    (Hater walks along the hall)

    Shine: Was that who I think it was?

    (She starts walking down a hall of lockers. She looks at other students going by)

    Shine: (sings) What a strange n…

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  • Eddie.hinkle.7

    (inspired by Equestria Girls)

    (Wander, Shine, Sylvia, Maddie, and Dan are on their way to the castle on Wander and Shine's home planet.)

    Sylvia: So your first royal duty.

    Maddie: How exciting.

    Shine: Exciting indeed but to admit I'm pretty nervous

    Dan: Don't be. It's probably something little

    Wander: She's nervicited!

    Maddie: What?

    Wander: Nervicited!

    Sylvia: That's not a real word

    Wander: You can't prove that.

    (everyone just looks at Wander)

    Dan: Well we don't have any dictionary to prove it

    Wander: Exactly!

    (they make it to the castle and are immediately greeted by Misty)

    Misty: Shine, so nice to see you sister! Hello to your friends too.

    Shine: So you wanted me to come here for royal business?

    Misty: Yes. Please follow me

    (Misty leads all of them down a …

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  • Eddie.hinkle.7

    Shine: This battle's gonna end like every argument does

    With you getting beat and begging me for a rub

    I made a map and I'm reading it too

    Gives me specific directions how to kiss you

    I know that you like to think you're so macho

    But you smell like moldy cheese and nachos

    I work while you and your boyfriend Sylvia

    Play sports in a fantasy league

    You're as girly as a stick, that I rub on my lips

    So go ahead, take a shot, I'm sure that you'll miss

    Like the laundry, the toilet, the grocery list

    If you stopped messing up I wouldn't have to get mad

    Wander: My life was fine till you had to come along and wreck it

    Could you please just shut your face for ten seconds?

    You cry about everything, but can't decide what you want

    "I'm hungry", "I'm fat", "I'm cold", "…

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  • Eddie.hinkle.7

    (Based off of Equestria Girls)

    Misty: Shine, I have called you back to the castle to go on an important mission.

    Shine: What is this mission?

    Misty: To go to the unknown

    Shine: You mean I have to explore a planet?

    Misty: Not exactly a planet

    Shine: Then what is it?

    Misty: You need to go through a portal and explore what's on the other side.

    Shine: Portal?

    Misty: On the other side of the portal, you will learn something that nothing can compare to.

    (The Other World: Coming Soon)

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