(yes it's done already! I had no homework so yay me!)

(Wander and Sylvia walk into the castle)

Wander: I can't wait to see Shine.

Sylvia: I can't believe she's a princess.

Wander: Me neither!

Sylvia: Now it will be just like a fairy tale when you kiss her.

Wander: (nudges Sylvia) Syl!

(Misty comes around the corner)

Misty: Great! You guys are here!

Wander: I wouldn't miss it for the galaxy!

Sylvia: He's a little Romeo.

Wander: (blushes) Syl!

Misty: (giggles) I see. She's right in here (points to a door)

Wander: Thank you, your majesty. At least someone has manners. (gives Sylvia a look)

Sylvia: Like I'm the bad guy.

(Wander and Sylvia go into the room)

Wander: Shine!

Shine: Thank goodness you guys are here. (is in an orange and yellow ruffled dress)

Sylvia: You look great

(Wander looks practically hypnotized)

Shine: Wander? Are you ok?

Sylvia: Hey! Snap out of it buddy!

Wander: (shakes head) Oh sorry. You look great, princess.

Shine: (giggles) Wander, you don't have to call me princess. I'm still me.

Wander: I'm sorry Shine. You just look.... beautiful.

Shine: (blushes) Thanks Wander. No as comfortable as it seems. (kicks at the skirt part)

Sylvia: Do need to leave you two be? (grins)

Wander and Shine: Yes.... No.... Maybe?

Sylvia: (chuckles) Alright.

(Shine and Wander look at Sylvia, then each other, and then look away blushing)

Shine: How about I show you guys around? There's plenty of time until the coronation starts.

Wander: Sure. I'm in.

Sylvia: Me too.

(to be continued....)

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